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What is Always an Aggie Association?

A group of engaged community members committed to supporting Albertville City Schools. While all graduates of Albertville High School are alumni and members of the Association by default, we invite you to join the “Always an Aggie Association”  as a contributing member to ensure you stay up to date on all things ACS. Even if you did not attend dear ole AHS, you can still become a contributing member.  No matter where you attended school or where you go from here, once you’ve been part of our community—you’re “Always an Aggie.”



The purpose of this association is to aid in the development of Albertville City Schools through the ACS Foundation by making a maximum contribution to excellence in education by securing contributions of the knowledge, skills, material wealth, and loyalty of the many persons who care about our schools. Additionally, the Association hopes to develop a means through which feedback can be exchanged—providing an outlet for our community to provide ideas, advice, constructive feedback and suggestions; to provide an integrated system of communication and activity that will promote the warm relationships among classmates, alumni, faculty and community.


$100- contributing member benefits include:

  • Member decal

  • Brick paver on the Aggie Walk of Fame

  • Access to Alumni house rentals

  • Priority invitation to ACS Foundation events

The Albertville City Schools Foundation and the Always an Aggie Association exists to supplement federal funding and ensure the highest quality educational experience for our students and teachers. We want to give EVERY student (regardless of privilege) every advantage and equal opportunity to succeed.  We want to give teachers and administrators every advantage to create successful educational experiences. We understand the schools’ pivotal role in the community. ACS Foundation creates a brighter future and stronger community.  We hope you’ll join us!

Your membership contribution supports the ACS Foundation mission and makes the following events possible:

  • Albertville Aggie Advocate E-Newsletter

  • AHS Hall of Fame luncheon

  • AHS Alumni Memorial Scholarship given to a deserving senior each year

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