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About Us

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Our Mission

To ensure the quality of the educational experience for students of the Albertville City Schools by securing financial resources for enhanced needs of students.


What is the Foundation?

The Albertville City Schools Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit Alabama corporation managed by a volunteer Board of Directors in service to Albertville City Schools, an integral part of the Albertville Advantage. We exist to supplement federal funding and ensure the highest quality educational experience for our students and teachers. We want to remove barriers and give EVERY student (regardless of privilege) the opportunity to succeed.  We want to give teachers and administrators every advantage to create successful educational experiences for the whole student. We understand the schools’ role in the greater community, and we strive to add value and to improve the culture and climate of Albertville by connecting more people/resources to our school system.


ACS Foundation creates a brighter future and stronger community primarily through 5 key services:

1. Ready To Learn -  tangible support for students in need- carried out through the Aggie Advocacy Center

2. Teacher Grants - application process to support enhanced needs for staff to create innovative classroom experiences

3. Teacher Appreciation - meals and small gifts for staff twice per year

4. Community Connections - Other support for the school system as needed or directed by donors (i.e.-- Always an Aggie Association Alumni Hall of Fame, AHS Alumni Memorial Scholarship, Dolly Parton Imagination Library, Exceptional Aggies Cafe, Special Olympics, etc.)

Why do we need a Foundation?

State and federal funding provide a substantial portion of our school system’s budget, and these funds can be used to meet operating costs including instructional materials, utilities, and maintenance. The Foundation allows the system to continue its plan for improvements by providing a source of funding designated specifically for those improvements as well as providing cutting-edge instructional opportunities for students and teachers.


Why contribute to the Foundation?

A community is composed of homes, businesses, places of worship, parks, and roads, but it is defined by its people. The dedication of the people of Albertville to the education of our children has long defined that for which this community stands. The excellence of our school system is, in fact, what draws many people to make a home in Albertville. The quality of our school system, city growth, and industrial development are inextricably joined.


Why is my contribution important?

As we strive to maintain our reputation for excellence in education, small class sizes, state-of-the-art technology, and highly trained staff, there are many reasons for giving to the Foundation and several benefits resulting from the gift:

  • Your donation is a tax deductible way to make an investment in our children and grandchildren. 

  • Our property values will increase as long as our school system is top-rated.

  • Broad based community support enhances our chances of obtaining contributions from corporate and other national foundations. 

  • Decisions for improvements can be based on need rather than on the availability of state or federal funding

  • Concentration on academic needs, advanced technology, and teacher training will allow the Albertville City Schools to continue to offer a quality educational experience to all children of the district.

  • Community support shows our students and teachers that they matter!  Your investment provides an accountability and helps build a stronger community and brighter future.

What is the Foundation’s goal?

The Foundation’s goal is to meet all programmatic needs and raise an endowment of at least $1 million to ensure the future of the foundation. The endowment is expected to grow each year and become an important asset to our schools and our community.


Who will decide how the Foundation’s money is spent?

Decisions to grant or deny funding will be made by the directors who are respected members of our community. 

Albertville City Schools Foundation Board of Directors:

  • Joyce Bishop, Chair

  • Miguel Corona, Vice Chair

  • Stan Witherow, Secretary

  • Nathan Patterson, Treasurer

  • Jeremy Smith, Past Chair

  • Jennifer Amos

  • Amanda Baugh

  • Ginger Carroll

  • Janna Gladden 

  • Quinton Williams

  • Kathy Lecroy

  • Anthony Burgess

  • Roosevelt Oliver

  • Jacob Hollingsworth

  • Michelle Murphy

Ex Officio Members​​

  • Torrey Croft, Albertville High School

  • Julie Smith, Albertville Middle School

  • Ashley Brown, Albertville Intermediate School

  • Michelle Ballentine, Albertville Elementary School

  • Mandy Barkley, Albertville Primary School

  • Kayla Minor, Albertville Kindergarten and Pre-K

  • Andy Jones, Central Office Designee

  • Dr. Bart Reeves, Superintendent 

We invite you to join us 

Help us ensure that the schools in Albertville remain among the best in the state and that our community maintains its reputation for supporting public education. It is only through the united efforts of the entire Albertville Community that we can provide quality educational experiences for our children. 


To make a contribution or for more information, please contact:

Physical Address:

Albertville City Schools Foundation

101 East Main Street 

Albertville, AL 35950

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1216

Albertville, AL 35950

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